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    Element Illustrated In A Nutshell: Yoga: A Step-By-Step Guide

    By: Annie Jones

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    Yoga is one of the most popular ways of improving health and well-being. It allows the practitioner to escape from the chaos of the world by reaching out to the stillness within by use of movement, breath, posture, relaxation and meditation. As well as being an excellent tool for alleviating stress, yoga can effectively deal with many common ailments such as back pain, fatigue and digestive disorders.

    This book offers an introduction to this ancient Indian system of bringing mind, body and spirit into perfect harmony. It explains everything from yoga's historical background to practical exercises, postures and sequences for novice and expert alike.

    - What is yoga? A short history
    - Meditation - the ultimate aim of yoga
    - Energy pathways
    - Pranayama - the science of breathing
    - Alignment and Postures
    - Warm-ups, Breathing exercises and Sequences
    - Relaxation and Meditation
    - Establishing a personal programme
    - Common ailments

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