Ellora's Cave: Bedtime, Playtime

Ellora's Cave: Bedtime, Playtime by Jaid Black, Ruth D Kerce & Sherri L King
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Other Titles by Jaid Black, Ruth D Kerce & Sherri L King

This is the sixth of 10 Ellora's Cave anthologies.

'Warlord' by Jaid Black

In the year 1052, Euan Donald rules the Highlands with an iron fist. When a rival clan chieftain fails to deliver his betrothed to him, Euan decides to acquire a bride the old fashioned way: he'll steal one. In present day Scotland, Janet Duval leaves the local pub after having dinner and drinks with a friend, and finds herself being chased -- 1000 years in the past -- by a heavily-muscled, grim-faced warrior hell-bent on possessing her.

'Adam 483: Man or Machine?' by Ruth D Kerce

Upon meeting his sexy new boss, Captain Tyree Samou, Adam 483 is determined to serve not only as her personal security bot, but also her private eroti-bot. Adam takes Tyree on a sexual journey like nothing she's ever known, showing the commander the pleasures of submission and the power of trust. But he doesn't expect to fall in love with Tyree, and realises she now holds his future in her hands -- for he's harbouring a secret, and he'll be killed if anyone discovers it.

'Bachelorette' by Sherri L King

Hollywood security expert Gideon Fevere's life is all business until a chance encounter with a mouthy, brazen siren has him re-evaluating his priorities. Due to a heartless betrayal in her youth, Catherine Stowe has little respect for men and no use for them other than in her bed. But Gideon vows to convince his wayward bachelorette that love is worth any risk -- he just has to corner her first.
Publication Date:
02 / 04 / 2007

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