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    By: Thom Rutledge

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    How Facing, Exploring, Accepting and Responding to Fear Can Transform Your Life.

    Psychotherapist Thom Rutledge has written a practical, accessible and comprehensive step-by-step guide for helping everyone overcome the pervasive presence of fear in daily life.

    Fear lives in all of us. It haunts us both day and night and prevents us from living to our potential. Whether we are afraid of the dark or of being alone, failure or commitment, public speaking or flying, these fears become a motivating factor in all aspects of our lives. In Embracing Fear, Thom Rutledge combines compelling anecdotes from his practice and his own struggle with addiction and depression as well as exercises and tools in this powerful and transformative book.

    Throughout, Rutledge uses the acronym F-E-A-R as a model to guide readers through the process. Instead of running, repressing or ignoring the voices of panic and dread, we learn that it is only through facing, exploring, accepting and responding to fear that we become free from its paralysing grip. Embracing Fear encourages and empowers us to face our anxiety, panic, and dread - offering the necessary skills to finally conquer and move beyond those inner demons once and for all.

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