Facing The Tiger by Kerri & Larry Pitts
By: Kerri & Larry Pitts
Date Released
175 x 220mm

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Illustrated by Jenny Sands

Rani lives in a village on the edge of the Indian jungle and like all the villagers she has been told that a tiger might pounce the minute your back is turned. Tigers only attack from behind: they won't attack if you are facing them.

During the Moon Festival, when everyone wears a silver mask to encourage the moon to show its face again, Rani gets lost in the jungle. And when she hears a tiger pursuing her she cleverly puts her mask on the back of her head, so that whichever way she turns she is facing the tiger.

From that day on, the story of the girl who was twice as smart as the tigers spread and whenever the villagers go into the jungle, they wear their masks on the backs of their heads. No one has been attacked since.

A picture book beautifully illustrated by Archibald Prize-Winning Jenny Sands.
Publication Date:
06 / 04 / 2001
175 x 220mm

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