Field Marshal Erwin Rommel: Knight's Cross

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel: Knight's Cross by David Fraser
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A Life of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel.

Erwin Rommel was the outstanding Axis field commander of the Second World War, respected, even admired, by his opponents. Here, it seemed to the Allies, was a supremely professional soldier: chivalrous, decent, largely untainted by the crimes of the Nazi regime, carrying out his duty with often dazzling success.

David Fraser's definitive study brings Rommel's career not only the insights of an acclaimed biographer, but also those of a distinguished soldier. He shows how inspiringly spontaneous and superficially haphazard Rommel's style of leadership could be; how his hallmarks of boldness of manoeuvre, ferocity in attack and tenacity in pursuit, which characterised his great campaign in North Africa, was evident from his earliest battles in the First World War.

'Knight's Cross' is first and foremost the biography of a soldier, but Rommel reached a position in which he almost inevitably became embroiled in politics, including his alleged involvement in the plot to kill Hitler, which condemned him in the eyes of the Fuhrer he had served so loyally. Rommel is not, to David Fraser, a flawless hero: his failings as well as his genius are recorded here. But he had that instinct for battle and leadership which set him apart from his contemporaries, and places him among the truly great commanders of history.

Includes 16 pages of black and white photographs.
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 1995
126 x 197mm

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