Focus: The Power of Targeted Thinking

Focus: The Power of Targeted Thinking by Jurgen Wolff
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Time management has evolved. No longer can traditional methods be used, the type suited to making repetitive tasks more efficient. The age of 24/7 connectivity and constant demands has lead to frantic multi-tasking and fire-fighting. The result: lots of activity, not much achievement.

Most time management books are written for left-brain people who are already organized and see things in an analytical way, and some still use age-old techniques. With Focus, you are exposed to recent discoveries that allow you to achieve a state of flow that can lead to maximum achievement in minimum time. Focus shows you how to use new breakthroughs to move you swiftly towards your most important goals.

Today the need is for creativity, flexibility, and making smart choices. Focus shows you how to identify what's most important, and how to direct all your energy, without distractions, on the tasks that propel you toward success. All the information in Focus can be applied immediately, regardless of whether you are a right-brain or left-brain type of person. It uses text, illustrations, exercises, and even exclusive bonus multi-media materials on the accompanying website. It's a revolution in time management that will revolutionize your life.
Publication Date:
03 / 11 / 2008

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