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    The Gap Into Power - A Dark And Hungry God Arises


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    Book Three of the Gap Series.

    On a lonely planetoid in forbidden space the players in a power game of mind-shattering proportions were heading for an explosive confrontation . . .

    After a terrifying encounter with the Amnion aliens, Nick Succorso had made for the safety of Thanatos Minor, the infamous bootleg shipyard where illegals from all over the galaxy came to repair their ships and indulge their exotic tastes in entertainment. But the Amnion were waiting, and for Nick, Morn Hyland and her force-grown son Davies, the safe haven would become a vision of hell.

    One thing was certain - they would not be alone. Angus Thermopyle had been captured by the UMCP and turned into a deadly cyborg. Now, as the UMCP controllers looked on from the sidelines, he was heading for Thanatos Minor, programmed to carry out a secret mission that could have nightmarish consequences for them all . . .

    Hailed as his finest achievement to date, Stephen Donaldson's Gap series has rapidly attained classic status. Donaldson is at his best in one of the most exhilarating space epics ever told - an unmissable adventure as vast as the galaxy and as unpredictable as the human heart.

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