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    Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds!


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    One of the most visionary and versatile thinkers of this century gathers together in a single volume his most significant and prophetic non-fiction writings to present a personal view of the twentieth century.

    In these essays we witness the awesome workings of Clarke's intellect as he predicts the role of geosynchronous satellites decades before they existed; anticipates the internet decades before it happened; reports from Kennedy Space Centre; scripts the best science fiction movie ever made; discusses 'Star Wars', giant squid, and numerous other fascinating topics.

    Sir Arthur's bona fide scientific understanding is combined with a generosity of spirit, the interests of a new renaissance man, a sublime lack of false modesty and a great flair for the dramatic. He has been both a technological prophet and a cultural conscience for many decades of this century, celebrating the great scientific powers of man - and simultaneously warning of the perils of a world where power and greed reign unchecked. Clarke can uniquely provide a coda for our century.

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