QBD Club Card Terms & Conditions

QBD The Bookshop customers can join our loyalty program called "Club QBD", providing them with a great way to keep their information available for use in-store or online, and encourage their continued support. Customers are awarded with credit worth 10% of their total spend over 10 sales on 10 separate days, which is awarded after the 10th sale is completed.


1. The tenth purchase must be made within 24 months of the first purchase
2. The ten purchases must all be made on different days
3. If two purchases are made on the same day, these amounts will be added together to form one purchase for the day.
4. If buying Gift Vouchers they are included in the sale, however Gift Voucher being redeemed during a sale are not counted towards your sale total.
5. Purchases made online using a gift voucher do not count towards your club card total (see condition 4 above)
6. QBD is not responsible for lost or stolen cards
7. If card is lost, a replacement cards are available in store for a fee of $5
8. An old online store purchase can be added to the Club QBD card provided it is no older than 30 days
9. Refunds reduce the number of purchases and credit total
10. QBD Club Card credit can only be redeemed in store. It cannot be spent on online purchases.
11.. Laybys are treated as one purchase at the completion of the layby. Laybys are only available in-store.

To use a club card online, customers must have signed up to the website using their club card or have added their club card number to an order using the 'order notes' box in the checkout windows.
If you have any questions about the QBD Club Card, please contact us or see the friendly staff at your local store.

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us via the following methods: