High Stakes: Britain's Air Arms in Action 1945-1995

High Stakes: Britain's Air Arms in Action 1945-1995 by FLINTHAM VIC

189 x 246mm

After the dust of World War II had settled, the military position of the UK was far from straightforward. It was of course allied to the USA and part of NATO, but it was at odds with the former in maintaining an Empire and the two nations also had competing oil interests in the Middle East. The UK's engagement in war after 1945 was thus a strange mixture ranging from homeland security through insular actions within the colonies or protectorates to preserve empire ? to playing a major role in confronting the USSR. The types of active involvement of the RAF, Fleet Air Arm and Army Air Corps between 1945 and 1995 include the following, with examples. Maintaining Local Stability ? Greece, Netherlands East Indies. Maintaining Empire ? Malaya, Kenya. Defending Empire ? Borneo. Defending Interests ? Suez, Kuwait. Homeland Security ? Northern Ireland, air defence. Confrontation ? Berlin Airlift, Korea. Covert Action ? Albania, strategic reconnaissance. Humanitarian and Peacekeeping ? Jordan, Cyprus. Development of Deterrent ? Bombs, bombers and missiles. AUTHOR: Vic Flintham has written and contributed to several classic aviation references such as Aircraft in British Military Service, Air and Wars Aircraft and Combat Codes. He is an acknowledged authority on post-war British aircraft and their operations. SELLING POINTS: This book looks at the part that the UK's air power played in all the incidents and campaigns fought during 1945-1990. The aircraft are described and the units involved are detailed together with their operational contribution. Contains many of the author's unique original and unpublished photographs. Covers the period when many living ex-RAF personnel will relish this superb record. 200 b/w plus 16 page colour section
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