How to be Assertive by Sue Hadfield
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Be confident, self-assured and stand up for your right to be yourself.

How To Be Assertive is a fun read and a great friend to have around. It's written by two experienced, down-to-earth and real-world experts and with just one read it really could change your life forever.

The ability to make clear decisions, to approach your life with confidence and self-assurance, and to believe in yourself are all crucial to success. And in both work and life, assertiveness holds the key to your self-respect and self-esteem. This remarkable guide is packed with real-life examples, motivating scenarios, quick wins and loads of friendly advice that will show you how to make your voice heard, take control of your destiny, feel empowered and motivated and begin to live the life you want, without apology.

Learn powerful, life-changing techniques to make sure your opinions are always respected; deal confidently and effectively with other people, their assumptions and their demands. Learn to be decisive, confident and self assured. Understand that, whilst you have rights, so do those around you. Learn to say what you mean, mean what you say and know that you really do have the right to say 'no'.

This practical and straightforward book will show readers how to use assertiveness techniques to say what they want calmly and confidently and to deal with other people's expectations, assumptions and demands. Readers will be able to face any problem with equanimity, and will be able to make difficult decisions without worrying. It will also help readers to:
# Understand why it is difficult to make decisions
# Identify the specific areas where they find it difficult to be assertive and decisive
# Develop confidence and self esteem
# Learn how to use assertiveness techniques such as saying no and receiving criticism
# Have the courage and skills to make those difficult and ongoing decisions that have been holding them back.
# It will form part of a series, along with How to talk to everyone and How to argue and win every time.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2010

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