How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking

How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes
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What if you could learn a set of tools and techniques that have helped thousands of other people manage their fear of public speaking and win their audiences over every time? With How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking you can.

Written by two performers who have spent as much time off the stage as on it, readers will find themselves in expert hands, supported and coached from the moment they decide they want to speak right through to theirbrilliant performance. Whether a seasoned speaker looking for new tips or someone who has managed to avoid public speaking so far, this book will prepare readers for whatever speaking challenge lies ahead, showing them how to:

* Convert fear to fuel.
* Prepare to speak spontaneously.
* Create a compelling story.
* Impress difficult audiences

Sarah Lloyd Hughes - is passionate about helping people learn & grow. During her 7 years as a trainer and coach she has developed a unique and engaging style that combines her passion for helping others to develop, with skilful training techniques. She runs inspirational workshops for professionals alongside programmes for young people and combine the best of both worlds to offer intelligent and high-energy training experiences.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2011

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