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    How To Build A Time Machine


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    Is time travel possible? According to internationally acclaimed physicist and science writer Paul Davies, the answer is definitely yes. But if we can travel in time, surely we can glimpse the future and act to change it? Or alter the past, creating all sorts of bizarre paradoxes?

    This hugely entertaining brain-twisting book reveals how it might be done. With his remarkable gift for easy explanation, Paul Davies shows how to use gravity to visit the future and how to warp space to reach the past; and, in a tour de force, how to build a time machine from a traversable wormhole.

    This is the ultimate time traveller's companion. Paul Davies expertly and effortlessly explains the mind-boggling physics that makes time travel possible, and more importantly shows how we can make sense of this very possibility. Might the inconceivable be achievable? Can we break the last cosmic taboo?

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