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    How To Clone The Perfect Blonde: Making Fantasies Come True With Cutting-Edge Science

    By: Sue Nelson & Richard Hollingham

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    Examining how cutting-edge science could fulfill our favourite everyday fantasies and desires.

    In an attempt to engineer the most popular science book ever, Nelson and Hollingham try to make our everyday fantasies come true using the very latest in scientific theory: the dating game simplified with human cloning, righting everyday mistakes with time travel, avoiding the dreaded commute using teleportation and flying cars, plus living forever, always winning, becoming a permanent size twelve or making your home town or place of work disappear forever.

    While the humour of the fantasy is always kept in view and addressed, the book takes a detailed look at the cutting-edge science that just could make it possible. Topics touched on include: biotechnology, quantum mechanics, gene therapy, time travel, parallel universes, black holes, genetic modification, bionics, cybernetics, cryogenics,
    nanotechnology, teleportation and antigravity.

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