How to Lose Weight Without Being Miserable

How to Lose Weight Without Being Miserable by Richard Templar
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This book is not a diet, it's not a crazy calorie-counting and food-weighing regime, it's just a set of simple principles that you can apply to your life to help you lose a few pounds and, perhaps most importantly, keep them off for good.

With his inimitable blend of originality, wisdom, common sense and straight talking, Richard Templar takes you through:

- 100 clever, cunningly simple and pain-free ways to lose a little weight and consume less energy than you expend.
- Easy to follow, requires no special equipment or adherence to complex rules, and helps you to find ways to consume fewer calories without asking you to suffer miserably whilst those around merrily eat all the things you're missing.
- Filled with his usual mix of wit and wisdom, with just a dash of irreverent humour, this clever book not only gives you tips on how to work with your mind to lose weight, but also gives you very practical everyday things you can do to keep temptation at bay, eat sensibly and maintain your ideal weight – without having to feel miserable in the process.

All you really need is the resolve and determination; this book will help you with the strategies.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2010

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