How To Stop Gambling

How To Stop Gambling by Paul Symond
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127 x 195mm
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A Practical Guide to Beating Gambling Problems in a Loved One, in Yourself.

It's official: Australia has the world's worst compulsive gambling problem. Every year, Australians lose over $10 billion in gambling. And for thousands of Australians, this hidden epidemic is responsible for family breakdown, financial ruin and suicide.

But when does gambling go from a past-time to a problem? What are the telltale signs of a gambling addiction in someone close to you? And how can you begin to help them and yourself? 'How To Stop Gambling' is the essential self-help resource, aimed not only at problem gamblers, but also their partners and friends.

Australian expert Paul Symond is one of the world's leading authorities on gambling treatment. He consults to casinos, governments, hospitals and clubs and has more than 15 years' experience as a one-on-one counsellor.

Step-by-step, Paul shows how to beat this insidious addiction:
- Identifying the tell-tale signs of a gambling addiction in yourself or someone close to you.
- "Help! My partner's gambling is out of control!" Early intervention strategies to tackle the problem in someone you love.
- The link between drugs, alcohol and gambling - and how to overcome them.
- Vital information on the new danger for gamblers: on-line gambling.
- The growing problem of women with a gambling addiction - 30-40 per cent of gamblers are women - a situation largely ignored by the media.
- A comprehensive resource section - where and how to seek help anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Concise, reassuring and authoritative, this is the only book of its kind available - and one that will save lives.
Publication Date:
03 / 02 / 2003
127 x 195mm

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