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    By: Robin Jarvis

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    'Across the stark heavens the mysterious object came blazing, swerving and spinning in all directions, growing larger with every passing moment. Intense flashes of light flared and spangled around its surface, scribing a bright, wavering path through the darkness. Though it tumbled erratically, the object was plunging directly towards Malmes-Wutton. There was no time to panic, no time to raise an alarm.'

    Out in the deep darkness float the ninety-three isles of the beatified realm of Britain. Elizabeth Tudor is celebrating her one hundred and seventy-eighth year on the throne of Englandia. Into this world - a place with no living animals and arcane technology - appears a visitor, bringing with him strange devices and sinister practices. He's about to change things forever . . .

    'Deathscent' is the first title in a starling new fantasy series.

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