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    Japanese Women Don't Get Old Or Fat

    By: Moriyama & Doyle

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    Secrets To A Slimmer And Longer Life.

    A stunningly packaged combination of memoir, lifestyle advice and glorious recipes from the country with the lowest obesity and highest longevity rates in the world.

    In Japan, people live longer than anywhere else on Earth; obesity is virtually unknown, and 40-year-old women look like they're 20. The secret: Japanese homestyle cooking, and an approach to eating that is not about self-deprivation, but about celebrating and savouring food. Raised in Tokyo and on her grandparents' mountainside farm, author Naomi Moriyama first travelled to the West as a college student, and promptly gained 25 pounds eating an American diet.
    Returning home for the holidays, she found that the weight melted off as she returned to the healthy, soulful food of her mother's tiny kitchen: satisfying soups, fresh vegetables, delicate grilled fish; mouth-watering meals that never left her feeling hungry. Filled with delicious recipes and evocative reminiscences, this book is for all those who are tired of counting calories and carbs, and finding themselves on diets that don't work.

    'Japanese Women Don't Get Old Or Fat' offers a delightfully fresh and easy approach to a healthier, slimmer, and longer lifestyle.

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