Join Up: Horse Sense For People - Cassette

Join Up: Horse Sense For People - Cassette by Monty Roberts
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139 x 112mm
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2 Cassettes, Abridged
Read by Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts is world famous for his way with horses, showing us all how to achieve a willing partnership. But, as everyone who has watched him or read his books is aware, his message of trust also has a tremendous impact for humans.

For many years corporations have been sending their manager to Monty Roberts' demonstrations, and the messages of non-violence, of listening, and of the importance of trust have been successfully developed in many of the companies. But Monty and Pat Roberts have also fostered over forty children and have seen how the same concepts of mutual agreement and trust can be used with great benefits in a family environment.

He maintains that his methods are simple. He creates a safe environment in which the horse (or the child, student or colleague) can learn. He rewards positive actions. He never uses threats or violence. He listens and is patient, waiting for co-operation.

'Join-Up' is full of stories of those who have found, through Monty Roberts, the strength to face their problems whatever they may be. Some are heart-wrenching, some are funny, all are illuminating. It is full of new stories about some of the horses he has worked with, and from whom he has learnt what he believes.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2000
139 x 112mm

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