Ken Tyrrell: The Authorised Biography

Ken Tyrrell: The Authorised Biography by Maurice Hamilton
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153 x 234mm

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One of the most respected figures in Formula 1 for nearly four decades, Ken Tyrrell who discovered Jackie Stewart and went on to win 33 grands prix and three world championships as an independent team owner. The book of his life story provides an in-depth insight into this glamour sport.

Despite many requests, Ken Tyrrell would never agree to publishing his autobiography. "People would not be interested," he said. The subsequent complimentary obituaries and massive turnout at the memorial service after his death in October 2001 proved otherwise.

Tyrrell was held in high regard across the motor racing community. His biography provides an excellent expose of the man himself, and an intriguing insight into the drama and excitement of the world of Formula 1.

His biographer charts Tyrrell's dramatic debut, how he persuaded a young Jackie Stewart to join his new team, a triumphant world championship win in only their second season, and how the car became a pace-setter in the competitive F1 arena and Stewart went on to win 25 grands prix with the team.

The book goes behind the scenes at team HQ in Surrey, where Tyrrell built his prototype six-wheeled F1 car under cloak-and-dagger secrecy. It examines Tyrrell's relationship with drivers such as Jody Scheckter, Ronnie Peterson and Stewart, and his vital role in the development of the sport. And it delves into the murkier side of F1 - the politics, the battles between the haves and the have-nots - as well as Tyrrell's moving battle against the cancer that eventually took his life.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2002
153 x 234mm

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