Kids by Barbara Holborow & Cliff Neville & Nola Web
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151 x 233mm

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To drive a car, you need to pass a test.
If you fail at work, you get fired.
But what is the most important thing you will do in your life?
And what is the thing you need no licence for?
Having children.

This is a book to open your eyes. It is a book to make you think, but it will not preach to you. This is a book about children, and therefore about everyone, for children are life.

When you become a parent, where do you get your information about how to raise children, and more importantly, what to do when things go wrong?

Parents, friends, neighbours - their advice may be well meant, but it may also be dead wrong.

Barbara Holborow, a high-profile former Children's Court magistrate, has looked at the world of children. She has had to analyse and judge children and those associated with them. She knows how they love and react, how they are abused and used, how they use and abuse. Cliff Neville is a professional communicator, who has seen life in many parts of the world, and Nola Webb, a lawyer, professional researcher and grandmother, has made an academic and painstaking study of kids. Together they have collaborated to create a book to give you food for thought.

'Kids' is full of real life stories, wisdom and experience. It will help you grow with your children, enjoy them and love them, but at the same time it will add to your ability to be a role model for these very special people.
Publication Date:
23 / 04 / 1999
151 x 233mm

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