Know What Makes Them Tick

Know What Makes Them Tick by Max Siegel & G F Lichtenberg
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153 x 230mm

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Max Siegel's career has an unlikely trajectory--a self made man, he's managed artists and sports teams, singers and race car drivers. He's convinced recording artists to experiment with new kinds of music and talked athletes into working for the good of the team rather than their own individual glory. He's worked in primarily black organizations and virtually all white ones. There's not a situation that daunts him and not a dilemma he thinks the principles in KNOW WHAT MAKES THEM TICK can't solve. As he travels the country giving motivational speeches, managers, leaders, artists, singers, sports figures, and businessmen are drawn to his ability to connect with people across disciplines, cultures, and ages. They marvel at his ability to get people to move beyond the lines the have drawn firmly in the sand for the good of the situation at hand. How, he is often asked, do you do it?

The trick he says is knowing what makes your opponent tick. For some people it's money, for others it's spending more time with the family, a bigger office, more respect, support of one of their initiatives. Here in KNOW WHAT MAKES THEM TICK, Siegel gives the reader guidelines for assessing what motivates others. In just nine simple steps, he shows you exactly how to find the right people to help realize your deepest goals and how to establish a mutual realization of these goals as the core component of your relationships.

Max Siegel is the living example of how these nine rules work. The child of an African-American mother and a white, Jewish father, he grew up poor in a climate of divorce and violence, both within his home and in the Indianapolis ghetto. Yet again and again he found ways to turn disadvantage to advantage, and lifted himself from the bottom to reach levels of professional and personal success that no one would have ever dreamed.

Max's rules work because they are universal: one set of principles for success in work and in personal relationships, for spiritual life and with family. These rules took Max everywhere he needed to go, and now in KNOW WHAT MAKES THEM TICK he shares them with you.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2010
153 x 230mm

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