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    Like Water On Stone: The Story Of Amnesty International

    By: Jonathan Power

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    Dubbed "one of the larger lunacies of our time" almost immediately after it was founded in 1961, Amnesty International is now the most influential non-governmental organisation in the world.

    Jonathan Power tells of the organisation's successes and failures from Amnesty's early days, when it nearly tore itself apart over suspicions of infiltration by British intelligence, to its exposure of Emperor Bokassa's horrific child murders in the Central African Republic; from its mistaken support of the Baader-Meinhof gang to its long campaign to bring General Pinochet to justice.

    Today Amnesty continues to question the orthodoxies, including the West's modern-day crusades in the name of human rights in Yugoslavia and Iraq and its continued support of the international arms trade. The struggle to free political prisoners goes on but, as Power makes clear, Amnesty also recognises the need to contest human wrongs wherever they are found - and whatever their cause.

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