Mastering The Zone by Barry Sears
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243 x 152mm
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Dr. Barry Sears, author of the No.1 bestseller and health phenomenon The Zone, is back with an exciting new book teeming with tantalising recipes and insightful information that will deepen readers' understanding of this revolutionary health and fitness program.

Flying in the face of conventional dietary thinking, and after years of comprehensive scientific research, Dr. Sears discovered that "eating fat doesn't make you fat." His phenomenally successful first book, The Zone, introduced the world to a groundbreaking health plan that for hundreds of thousands of readers has become the magic key to maintaining a consistent level of physical and mental well-being — a healthful state known as "The Zone." Now Dr. Sears takes his breakthrough scientific discoveries and stunning success a step further with Mastering the Zone. This book not only presents delicious, completely original Zone-favourable recipes that are easy to prepare and taste great, but also offers a practical guide to fine-tuning your place in the Zone.

From entrees to appetisers to desserts, there is something here for every taste and every occasion. Appearing throughout is Dr. Sears' enlightening new information for readers interested in educating themselves further about the Zone — the health regimen that succeeds where millions of others have not.
Publication Date:
07 / 02 / 1998
243 x 152mm

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