Maximum Success by James Waldroop & Timothy Butler
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129 x 194mm
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Breaking the 12 Bad Business Habits Before They Break You.

The Achilles heels that hold us back from success - and how to overcome them.

There is an infinite number of ways in which people succeed in their work - rules that work in one setting may lead to mediocre performance, or worse, in another. But there is a much smaller number of ways in which people fail in their careers. These "Achilles heels" can affect anyone - from the selfless team-player, to the salesman who will do anything for a customer, to the CEO whose company's success is diminished because he is unable to hire and keep the best people.

Top business psychologists Timothy Butler and James Waldroop examine why and how people fail to be as successful as they could be by identifying twelve patterns - The Home Run Hitter, The Mountain Climber, The Early Harvester, The Meritocrat, The Peacekeeper, The Hero, The Rebel, "Mr Spock", The Steamroller, The Chronic Worrier, The Butterfly and The Acrophobic can all be found in most workplaces and all have fatal flaws which curtail their success.

Each pattern is explored using real-life examples, descriptions of its signs and symptoms (which will differ among various industries and job functions), explanations of frequent causes, and of where and how it is likely to cause problems. Armed with this information readers will be able to recognise the one or two patterns most descriptive of themselves and formulate a strategy for change, as well as recognising them in fellow workers, and even in customers, in order to work more effectively with others.

Butler and Waldroop have 35 years collective experience as business psychologists and executive coaches. Using case studies and examples drawn from their work they provide concrete solutions and strategies to enable readers to break these patterns, providing specific methods for changing behaviours and making the necessary personal changes to maximise success and achieve satisfaction.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2001
129 x 194mm

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