Melt With You by Alison Tyler
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Dori is the owner of a lonely heart. On a whim, she returns home to her old town to discover that her favourite movie theatre has been turned into a bookstore. But while pining for 1983 and listening to the classic radio station channel in the store, something inexplicable happens - by the time Dori is back outside in the alleyway, she realises she has also gone back in time - to 1983!

As an adult, and no longer a teenager, she ends up working in the beauty supply store where she once worked as a teen. The place where she felt the happiest in her life. But this time she can immerse herself in the world of the older girls - the parties, the nightlife, the men. She even ends up dating a young teacher from the local high school - her high school - another interloper form the wrong time, but also someone determined to save the theatre from being sold.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2008

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