Michael Bergin: The Other Man

Michael Bergin: The Other Man by Michael Bergin
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243 x 152mm
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The international supermodel and actor details his rise to fame in the fashion world and reveals for the first time the truth about his stormy, passionate, and now famous relationship with Carolyn Bessette.

Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, Michael Bergin never imagined that he might someday be seen modelling underwear on a jumbo-size billboard in Times Square. He would have never thought that he had what it takes to make it in show business and land a starring role on one of the world's most popular television shows. Nor could he have ever imagined that he would someday find himself in competition with John F Kennedy Jr for the love of a woman.

But in his 34 years, all of this and more has come to pass. Now for the first time, Michael reveals the truth behind a life bathed in the limelight and a relationship shrouded in controversy. From his early days as short, "pretty-boy", bully magnet, to his lean years trying to make it in the modelling industry, to his meteoric rise to fashion icon, Michael's journey has been harrowing and his victories hard-won.

Never before has a male model of Michael's stature thrown back the curtain to reveal the hardships, sacrifice, and wild adventures that make up a day in the life a male supermodel in the making.

In recent years, Michael's private life has been scrutinised as eagerly as his Times Square billboard ever was. After moving to New York City in the late '80s, Michael saw a woman at a bar in Manhattan and fell madly in love. But this is not your everyday boy-meets-girl story - not when the girl was Carolyn Bessette, the woman who would one day marry John F Kennedy Jr.

Michael and Carolyn had a passionate and tumultuous relationship that was so intense that not even her marriage to an American prince could come between them. For the first time, Michael will tell the truth about his relationship with Carolyn, a mysterious and complex woman whose tragic death haunts him to this day.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2004
243 x 152mm

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