Michael Jordan: Playing For Keeps

Michael Jordan: Playing For Keeps by David Halberstam
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Michael Jordan and the World He Made

"Jesus in Nikes". Michael Jordan: the world's best basketball player. During the '90s he was the most compelling charismatic sportsman of the decade. His fame transcended his sport and his only rival as a global celebrity was Princess Diana. He became a phenomenon and everyone wanted a cut.

Over the course of Jordan's reign as king of basketball the game transformed itself from a sport into an industry. The money was huge, the players became celebrities and Michael Jordan was the biggest of them all. In the 1997-98 season he earned $78 million. He sold Nike sneakers if you wanted to jump high, big Macs if you were hungry, Coke if you were thirsty. And it was, year by year, as championship title was added to championship title, as one last minute heroic replaced the previous one, an easy sell.

So this is a story about much more than Michael Jordan and basketball. It is the story of an era by David Halberstam, America's most celebrated sportswriter. With the perspective of a great historian, the inside knowledge of a dogged journalist and the love of a fan, he chronicles the transformation of the sport and the man. Talking to his family, his friends, the coaches, the players, the journalists and the ad men he builds up the definitive picture of Michael Jordan and the world he made.

Includes 8 pages of black and white photographs.
Publication Date:
24 / 02 / 2000
153 x 233mm

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