Michael Z. Williamson

Michael Z. WilliamsonMichael was born in 1967 in Birkenhead, England. He was raised all over the place. No respectable town wanted him: he eventually settled in the US. He joined the USAF at age 18, during which time he traveled widely.

His hobbies are much of what he does for a living and a few other things: reading, writing, historical re-enactments, forging blades, throwing himself out of aircraft, climbing, hiking, Karate, Kung Fu, shooting, archery, fine liquors, fine food, traveling and ranting at the political, social and the moral state of the world.

He met his wife Gail at a science fiction convention in 1991. By his own admission - they had a one-night stand, then they had another. The second one has lasted 12 years so far. He has two children and 'some cats' - what he calls the 'typical 2.3 kids'.

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