Murder In LaMut by Raymond E Feist & Joel Rosenberg
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153 x 234mm

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The second 'Riftwar' collaboration written by masters of fantasy Raymond E Feist and Joel Rosenberg, and the second novel of a major new Feist acquisition, returning to his best-loved series.

The heavy action was supposedly at Crydee, which meant that the one place they could be sure the three of them were not going was Crydee. Come spring, the privateer Melanie was due in Ylith, and its captain could be counted on for a swift conveyance away and to likely not murder them in their sleep. That would be bad for business. But away where?

That wasn't Durine's worry. Kethol would surely be able to find them somebody who needed men that knew which part of the sword you used to cut with and which part you used to butter your bread. And Pirojil would be able to negotiate a price at least half again what the employer was ready to pay. All Durine would have to do was kill people. That was fine with him.

Durine, Kethol and Pirojil are three mercenaries who have spent 20 years fighting other people's battles: against the Tsurani and the Bugs and the goblins; and now it seems they've run out of Tsurani, Bugs and goblins to kill. The prospect of a few months of garrison duty offers a welcome respite; but then they are given an assignment that seems, on the surface, like cushy work - to protect a lady and her husband and deliver them safely to the city of Lamut. It should all have been so simple . . .
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2003
153 x 234mm

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