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The Ocean Railway: The Revolutionary World Of The Great Atlantic Steamships
RRP $69.95
In the Heart of the Sea (Film Tie-in Edition)
RRP $22.99
Into the Raging Sea: Thirty-Three Mariners, One Megastorm and the Sinking of the El Faro
RRP $22.99
A Night to Remember: The Titanic
RRP $19.95
RRP $45.00
A Short History Of Seafaring
RRP $19.99
Wilful Murder: The Sinking Of The Lusitania
RRP $62.95
The Seaman's Friend
RRP $23.99
Fire At Sea
RRP $34.95
The Sea Hunters
RRP $16.95
Maritime Dominion and the Triumph of the Free World
RRP $32.99
Bligh: Master Mariner
RRP $32.99
RRP $32.99
The Wreck Of The Whaleship Essex
RRP $34.95
RMS Titanic - The Wider Story
RRP $59.99
RMS Olympic
RRP $60.00
The Titanic for Dummies
RRP $30.95
World Cruising Destinations
RRP $90.00
Going Deep: John Philip Holland and the Invention of the Attack Submarine
RRP $27.95
The Worlds Greatest Submarines
RRP $39.99
Erebus: The Story Of A Ship
RRP $22.99
50 Things You Should Know: Titanic
RRP $18.99
The Mammoth Book Of Shipwrecks & Sea Disasters
RRP $15.99
Shadow Of The Titanic
RRP $40.00
Titanic: The Real Story of The Construction of The World's Most Famous Ship
RRP $19.99

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