Online Gravity by Paul X. McCarthy

Paul X. McCarthy
234 x 153mm

Why have local video shops disappeared and been replaced by Netflix?
Why are hotels being replaced by AirBNB?
Why is your taxi driver from UBER?
Why is Amazon the only company who can sell you the book you want to read?
And why is there no Pepsi in cyberspace?

They are all under the influence of Online Gravity, the unseen force driving the way business is done online, and changing the face of work and employment now and over the coming decades. Online Gravity has formed huge planet-like companies which dominate the online business world and either eat up or blitz their competition. We all hear about jobs being replaced by technology. You will know someone this has happened to – or perhaps it’s happened to you. But Paul X. McCarthy, industry expert and big data analyst, shows that rather than reducing jobs, Online Gravity has replaced 2.6 jobs for every one lost. It’s just that the shape of employment has changed. And while the phenomenon of Online Gravity is startling, it’s entirely transparent and follows its own set of distinct rules and laws. In Paul’s book, he identifies the ‘secret sauces’ that have not only driven success for these companies, but can help us – and our kids – as workers and future business owners of the 21st Century.

In this fascinating book that you can’t afford not to read, Paul tells us about Rocketships and Uberslashies, Global Passionistas and Jacks of all Technologies. He offers us advice on turbo-charging employment and business, by hacking the techniques of global winners to apply to our own work, and why your CV is now your Twitter account, your LinkedIn profile and even your Facebook page.

In this must-have guide to negotiating your future in an increasingly digital world, Paul X. McCarthy shows us what Online Gravity is, how it works and how we can harness it for our own success. Witty, pithy and full of astounding ideas, it’s not only a highly enjoyable read, but an essential handbook for the decades ahead.

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