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    By: & Jonathan Langley

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    Sequel to the hugely successful 'Snore!'.

    A wiggly piglet with a prickly problem . . .

    'Piggy Piglet was wriggling in his sleep. He wriggled, and he jiggled, and he rolled on to something very prickly. Owww!!'

    Piggy Piglet needs help from the farmyard animals because whatever it is that he has sat on is very prickly and it hurts.

    But when his brothers and sisters try to bounce it off it prickles them too - Oww! Oink! Oink!
    When Dog tries to wack it off it prickles his tail - Oww! Woof!
    When Cat tries to claw it off it prickles her paw - Oww! Meow!

    It doesn't seem as through anyone will be able to help Piggy Piglet - that is, until the most unlikely, and unhelpful animal on the farm appears looking for a tasty breakfast!

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