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    By: Richard Wiseman

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    Bestselling psychologist Richard Wiseman unravels the science behind our beliefs in telepathy, guardian angels, mediums, ghosts, and more...

    Scientists and psychologists have always been interested in the supernatural. Over the last few centuries, some have hoped to use science to prove the existence of ghosts, or clairvoyance, or guardian angels, while others have sought to discredit such phenomena. Just as he did in his bestselling 59 Seconds, Professor Richard Wiseman cuts through the hype and takes us on a breathtaking tour of the simple everyday truths behind extraordinary claims; and along the way shows us some really rather remarkable things about the way our brains work...

    Discover why there are fewer people than usual on trains that crash

    Come face to face with talking mongooses, poltergeists and the cleverest horse in the world

    Learns how a psychic dog revealed the invisible influences that pervade our everyday lives

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