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    Penguin Classic Military History: Waterloo: The Hundred Days

    By: David G Chandler

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    The Battle of Waterloo is one of the most decisive battles in history. The defeat of Napoleon finally brought to an end the career of one of the greatest and most charismatic men of all time and signalled a crucial change in the balance of power in Europe.

    The story of Napoleon's return from Elba and his dramatic seizure of power for one hundred days is, as David Chandler's marvellous narrative makes clear, a brilliant adventure story. Basing his account on twenty years' meticulous research and study, David Chandler gives a full and detailed account of the battle of Waterloo, and also discusses the other important battles of the campaign: Ligny, Quartre Bras and Wavre. He takes us behind the scenes to illuminate topics such as the organization behind the armies of both the French and the Allies, the personalities of their commanders, and their strategies, tactics and weapons.

    The book also includes an appendix in which David Chandler gives details for a two-day tour of the battlefield.

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