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    By: Anon

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    Did you know that the Turtle Frog of Western Australia eats termites and burrows head-first into the ground to lay its eggs more than a metre below the surface? Or that the skin secretions of the striking Red-Crowned Toadlet are so toxic they can kill you? Or that contrary to popular belief, many frogs don't need water to breed, and some never go near water at all?

    This gorgeous full-colour book is the first in a new series of Penguin Minis, and provides information about some of our country's most interesting and attractive frogs. 'Australian Frogs' includes 32 frogs, and provides details of: current conservation status; geographic range; habitat; breeding habits; ecology (feeding/shelter/adaptability etc) and unique and remarkable characteristics.

    With a full-page colour photograph of each frog also included, readers can appreciate the amazing variety of colours and forms present amongst our native frog species.

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