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    Perfect Time Management

    By: Ted Johns

    Date Released

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    All You Need To Get It Right First Time

    Managing your time effectively means getting more out of everything you do. This book shows you simply and quickly how to master the techniques and skills that are essential to taking control of your time and your life.

    If you can cut down on the time you spend meeting people, talking on the phone, writing and reading reports, you can use the time saved for creative work and the really important elements of your job. Learn how to deal with interruptions, manage your boss, and cut the length of meetings - above all how to minimise paperwork. You'll be amazed how following a few simple guidelines will improve the quality of your working life and your leisure time.

    What's in this book?:
    - Why bother about managing time?
    - Four assumptions about time management
    - Typical time management issues
    - Dealing with interruptions
    - How to train staff to leave you alone
    - What's all this stuff about monkeys?
    - Breaking the delegation barrier
    - The art of managing the boss
    - Saving time at meetings
    - Poor time management and stress
    - Self analysis exercise in time management
    - Time management checklists.

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