Positively Freakin' Amazing

Positively Freakin' Amazing by Gabby Frost

140 x 191mm

In Positively Freakin' Amazing, Gabby Frost continues her work as a mental health advocate, providing supportive insights and simple, yet inspiring art to create a positivity journal like no other – one aimed at helping readers find their "happy" even when life’s realities threaten to keep "happy" out of reach. Well aware that life’s challenges don’t go away simply by filling out a journal entry, Gabby’s heartfelt collection of prompts and images acknowledge that the journey to happiness and positivity can be a continuing one.

Each spread of the book provides a simple, warm illustration on the lefthand page – perhaps a small animal, an inspiring phrase, or a combination of both, opposite a thematically relevant prompt on the righthand page designed to help readers think about their challenges and concerns and encourage the mindset one needs to overcome them. Beneath each prompt is plenty of room to write, doodle, color or explore in some other way. Whatever works best for the reader is the right way to address the prompt.

In addition to offering encouragement, support and an outlet to explore their feelings, Positively Freakin' Amazing will inspire people to live happier lives simply by illuminating the positivity that’s all around us – every single day. This book is the perfect pick-me-up for someone looking to start the day with a burst of needed positive energy and would make a thoughtful gift for all those attempting to lead a more inspired and fulfilling life.
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