Psychic Diaries: Connecting With Who You Are, Why You're Here And What Lies Beyond

Psychic Diaries: Connecting With Who You Are, Why You're Here And What Lies Beyond by Lysa Mateu
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236 x 162mm

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One part psychic meditation, one part Tony Robbins inspiration, and one part disciplined motivation to help anyone change their life, 'Psychic Diaries' is about opening our minds to the fact that anything in the world is possible if we simply believe.

This is a self-help book that has its root in psychic awareness. Lysa has channelled Chandra Levy, heroes that died on September 11, and many, many more. Using these experiences, she gives lessons, and points the reader in a direction for the future.

Alternative dimensions and wavelengths are things we cannot see but are essential for daily living, and Lysa uses psychic phenomena similarly, to help us unlock new ways that we can break through problems like anger, stress, grief, and loss, and move beyond our ordinary experiences to live the life we've always dreamed.

Merging the essential qualities of huge bestsellers like 'The Road Less Travelled', Tony Robbins's 'Awaken The Giant Within' and 'Crossing Over', this book takes all those genres to the next level.

Lysa Mateu will also have her own show on MTV next year and this book will mimic the show, focusing on her psychic abilities and how, by using those abilities, she opens the doorway to the endless possibilities in the world around us. Once readers can see those possibilities for themselves, they can then begin harnessing and focusing their own inner desires, to attain anything they want.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2003
236 x 162mm

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