Real Self-Care by Pooja Lakshmin


Full of authenticity and compassion, REAL SELF-CARE is a manifesto for real self-care and a hands-on guide to true wellbeing.

Feeling down? Burnt out? Like it's impossible to balance your personal and professional life? Why not indulge in some easy self-care, like a juice cleanse or a gratitude journal?

In the past decade, self-care has become a staple in women's lives. We are sold breezy fixes in pastel-coloured packages, and then made to feel at fault when they don't work. But if we set aside those activities that don't serve us, we can all do the personal work of strengthening our relationships with ourselves.

In Empowered, clinical psychiatrist and women's health expert Pooja Lakshmin will give you the tools you need to engage in real self-care practices, ones that connect you with yourself and empower you as an agent of change in your own life.

This book will show you that-

Real self-care requires setting boundaries and moving past guilt.
Real self-care means treating yourself with compassion.
Real self-care brings you closer to yourself.
Real self-care is an assertion of power.

Because real self-care is not a noun - it's a verb. And while it may not be as easy as buying that amethyst crystal-infused water bottle, the rewards are infinite.

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