Relationships From Addiction To Authenticity

Relationships From Addiction To Authenticity by Sally Bartolameolli & Claudine Pletcher

03 / 11 / 2008
152 x 229mm

The only book solely dedicated to the recovery of co-dependents of sex addicts

Like any type of addict‚ the sex addict will stop at nothing to get his 'fix.' The woman who turns herself over to him-whether consciously or unconsciously-to be used as the source of his 'fix' is called a Co-Sex Addict or COSA. While there have been books written on the disease known as Sex Addiction‚ no book has been dedicated solely to the Co-Sex Addict‚ her deep-seeded emotional turmoil‚ and her healing . . . until now.

This 12-step spiritual recovery guide written by two survivors of-and experts in-co-sex addiction is an advocate for restoring the Sacred Feminine Voice that has been muted through co-sex addiction. Sharing their own personal journeys toward renewal and the stories of other women who have tackled the diseases of sex addiction and co-sex addiction‚ Claudine Pletcher and Sally Bartolameolli‚ M.Ed.‚ shed light on what women can do to heal the shame that binds them‚ and offer practical advice on:

* Honoring the Feminine Voice to learn to love and respect oneself

* How to set boundaries‚ honor one's intuition‚ and demand to be heard

* How to experience authentic intimacy and rewire tainted perceptions of sex and


* Transferring a new relationship model to one's children and others

Readers who partake in this 12-step recovery process will once and for all stop objectifying themselves and handing themselves over to another's addiction and fill the internal emptiness experienced as a co-dependent of a sex addict.
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