Reservoir Dad by Clint Greagen

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156 x 234mm

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If David Sedaris had got married and had kids, he would have been Reservoir Dad. Fall-on-the-floor funny, sharp, witty and just a little bit sexy ...'
Best Australian Blog 2013 judge Kerri Sackville sums up the feelings of the many fans of award-winning blogger Reservoir Dad, aka Clint Greagen, a stay-at-home dad who tells it like it is and makes us laugh out loud u and sometimes cry, but in a good way.
A sharply funny and irreverent chronicler of real life in today's parenting trenches, whether he's making us choke with laughter or 'scrisper' (a scream, tempered by a whisper, vital to surviving wrangling four little boys in planes, trains, automobiles and supermarkets) for keeping it real and doing his best to man up, even when he fails, spectacularly.
Reservoir Dad is a wickedly funny, refreshingly honest and moving modern-day love story that reminds us of what really matters amongst all the chaos and craziness.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2014
156 x 234mm
Reservoir Dad
Reservoir Dad is a hilariously funny He is a Aussie stay-at-home dad with a popular blog and a strong following. His accounts of stay-at-home parenting are absolutely hilarious and honest. I guarantee you will laugh out loud Reviewed by 30cs
, 18/08/2014

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