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    Robot: The Future Of Flesh And Machines

    By: Rodney A Brooks

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    Are you ready to face the future? Can you imagine a fusion of flesh and machine?

    We have robots that explore other planets for us, can learn to talk, recognise faces and socialise. With such complex technologies come questions: Could we build a robot with thoughts and emotions? What would this mean for humanity? Would 'sentient' machines be a threat to us?

    In this provocative and compelling book, Rodney Brooks, the world's leading robotics expert, not only explores the current state of robotics and artificial intelligence, but also conceives of a radical alternative to established views of our cybernetic future.

    In place of a struggle between man and machine he suggests a practical reality in which flesh will fuse with high technology - a process that, in an age of artificial implants and genetic engineering, has already begun . . .

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