Sea Change: Poems

Sea Change: Poems by Jorie Graham
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194 x 235mm

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The New York Times has said that "Graham's poetry is among the most sensuously embodied and imaginative writing we have‚" and this marvelous new collection is a perfect example of how startling‚ original‚ and deeply relevant her poetry can be. In SEA CHANGE‚ Graham imagines the once-unimaginable: the end of civilization as we know it. In poems that address a fictional future society‚ Graham presents a vision‚ in hindsight‚ of what our culture and world had been‚ what we had taken for granted-seasons‚ rain‚ birds‚ democracy‚ arable land‚ human intimacy‚ a hot day that generates no unease.

There is no better writer to speak to this crucial subject than "our most formidable nature poet" (Publishers Weekly)‚ and no more stirring and emotional expression of the beauty of the world that we've endangered than this extraordinary new work. As formally gorgeous as anything Graham has written‚ SEA CHANGE is more than just another poetry collection-it is an essential voice crying out in defense of our planet and the world we have known.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2009
194 x 235mm

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