Sexual Revenge by Ray Gordon
Date Released
111 x 178mm

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Revenge doesn't stop at the bedroom door . . .

Rachael Michaels is an extremely attractive and successful twenty-eight year old. With her blonde hair and stunning figure she appears to have it all. But it wasn't always that way; she was bullied at school by the Brook Street Gang and her life was very different.

Now she is back in the small town where she grew up, opening new offices for the firm she works for. Whilst recruiting new staff she is horrified to come across a member of the Brook Street Gang, Sally Brompton. But Sally doesn't recognise her, giving Rachael the perfect opportunity to exact her revenge. When she also discovers the rest of the Brook Street Gang are still friends, things just get better and better.

With her body as the trap, and her desire the weapon, Rachael Michaels is going to bring each and every one of them to their knees, in more ways than one.

For Adults Only.
Publication Date:
10 / 07 / 2003
111 x 178mm

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