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    Set on the desolate and inhospitable planet of Snare, this is a gripping new fantasy set in the far future about the centuries-long conflict between the human colonists and the alien inhabitants.

    Many years ago, the people of Earth threw themselves into the far-flung depths of space, eager to colonise the stars. Many perished, but some were fortunate enough to find sustainable planets. The colonists who came to Snare were not so lucky.

    Centuries later they have adapted to life on this harsh and unforgiving planet, but have lost all traces of their technological past, living now in rugged simplicity. However, the elements are not their only foe because Snare is home to an alien species, the ChaMeech, who bitterly resent the colonists' claim on the planet's precious and diminishing land.

    As volcanoes lay waste to the planet, and political rivalries threaten to disrupt the colonists' tyrannous empire, the ChaMeech prepare for one final battle . . .

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