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    By: Harriet Rubin

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    The Successful Person's Guide to Going it Alone in Business.

    Walk out of the door of a big company and what are you - stripped of that mighty identity? You're free. You're brave. And potentially rich, if you take full advantage of the opportunities in store. Soloing is not about changing jobs - it's about changing your life.

    Harriet Rubin, author of the bestselling 'Princessa', provides a radical, inspiring, high-energy manifesto and guidebook for everyone contemplating throwing off the security blanket of corporate life.

    Soloing is work that defines not just what you do, but who you are. Companies are being forced to acknowledge the strength of this motivation through the quantities of people leaving to start their own dot.com businesses. Achieving the height of success in a corporate culture is no longer enough: achievement on your own is harder; it's exhilarating; it's soloing.

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