Sort Your Sh!t Out! by Gary Waldon

152 x 229mm

It doesnt matter if you are a billionaire, famous, a CEO, unemployed, male or female, we all have our shit! It could have started with your parents, or the bullies you survived, but more than likely you created it from your insecurities or warped self-perceptions and it’s this shit that may be stopping you living your best life.  

Sort Your Shit Out?is an irreverent self-help exploration into where your shit comes from and how you can take back control from a little guy called Bob who lives in your mind and influences your every thought and action. It will also help explain why a battle for emotional control between puppies and zombies would be a fair fight and how we all have our own superhero backstory.

The author uses his own experiences in helping companies transform through to rescuing himself from his own darkness using the Self-Help Improvement Toolkit (SHIT!):

1. Know your shit – this identifies where your shit comes from.?

2. Own your shit –we often blame everyone else for our unhappiness, here you’ll learn to own your shit. 

3. Deal with your shit – knowledge without action is useless, here you learn strategies to deal with it. 

4. Manage your shit - just like going to gym, you need to working at staying shit-fit. Everyone experiences life’s ups and downs, this focuses on what you can do to maintain a healthy mental balance while life happens.

This is not a psychology book, nor is it a “ra ra” feel good self-help book telling you to think positively and that only good things will happen. This is a no bullshit self-help book in the style of Mark Manson’s successful book?The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck with an Australian self-deprecating twang. 

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