Spirit of Service: Be Inspired, Get Involved, Become the Change We've Been Waiting For

Spirit of Service: Be Inspired, Get Involved, Become the Change We've Been Waiting For by Various
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139 x 209mm
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The Spirit of Service is a dynamic daily devotional that offers a full exploration of 365 aspects of service, organized into seven topics, presenting one from each topic every week for 52 weeks. The reader can start the book at any time of the year. The guided experience allows you to look at a full complement of ways that you can get involved in service to others, from serving the person sitting next to you to your community as a whole, from national service to actions that impact the world. The book is created to offer a daily fifteen- to twenty-minute experience that can prompt you to open your mind, your heart, your pocketbook, your calendar, or your contact list and engage. The book features unique opportunities for involvement in all sectors with every age group and every concern. Throughout the year you will read inspiring stories about what others have done, and discover efforts that you can passionately get involved in. The book also guides you to recalibrate your own awareness of the needs of others, taking you outside yourself and into the joyful state of truly making a difference.

The seven spirit of service topics are:

* Money (Donate)
52 ways your money can make a difference - the best organizations where your money can keep paying it forward.

* Energy (Volunteer)
52 ways to physically show up and accomplish something - incredible opportunities to put intention into action.

* Focus (To bring to the attention of others)
52 explorations that put you in the driver's seat to create interest or support in order to bring about change.

* Influence (Use your personal equity to help others)
52 great ideas that utilize your existing resources and goodwill allowing you to gain momentum and get something accomplished.

* Compassion (Open your heart to needs of others)
52 meditations on compassion in action - daily kindness, love and humble service.

* Support (Be emotionally available; get involved and stand up for those without a voice)
52 challenges to act on what you believe in and be there when it counts.

* Passage (Join someone on their journey as a guide / mentor)
52 passages that inspire you to serve as a guide, companion, mentor, guru or helpmate on someone else's path.
Publication Date:
02 / 11 / 2009
139 x 209mm

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