Stage Mum by Lisa Gee
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Lisa Gee
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Lisa Gee's six year old daughter, Dora, has been playing one of the Gretls in the Connie Fisher production of IThe Sound of Music/I in the West End. She's been a terrific success and, Lisa writes, is coming out the other side of this experience much the same girl, though Lisa hints there was the possibility that this might have gone otherwise. Dora didn't attend stage school, and they went to the first set of auditions as a lark, so there is a compelling narrative of the open audition process, from not taking it seriously at the beginning to gradually realising that Dora has won the part. The book is organised by the successive stages of Lisa's own and her daughter's initiation into the trade, to delve into the experiences of other parents and children, not only in her child's cast but in the entertainment industry generally. The thrills were all there, but there were some alarming moments as well. Lisa Gee writes in the first person, in an extremely lively, approachable voice, as far removed from that of the traditional pushy stage mother as you can imagine.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2008

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